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If you are looking to make a change in your life, develop your confidence, increase your self-esteem or generally just find a way forward into a new life, then maybe one to one coaching is for you.

My coaching programs are done in a supportive and loving way that allows you to find what’s needed within you to move forward. I can help you get to the core of any issue and unearth this so that it doesn’t block you any further on your path. I offer a chance for real and lasting change. If you are fully committed and ready to take the leap, then I am the best person to help you do this. You are guaranteed success on my one to one coaching programs. Drop me a mail if you would like to find out further information about how I work.


Are you thinking about how many coaching sessions you should attend and if it’s worth the investment? I look at it like this; if you just want a kick-start or burst of inspiration then you could attend one session. However, if you’re looking to work on an issue that has been holding you back, you want real transformation and to propel your life to the next level then I recommend a course of six over a three-month period. This is to sustain the work that you’ve done and keep momentum. You don’t want to slip back into old habits and ways of being! Committing to the course is committing to your transformation.

My coaching sessions are heavily based in psychology. This simply means that we work at a deeper level. Change only happens at a deeper level so this is why you are guaranteed success in your coaching sessions with me. I put everything into our coaching sessions so that you get the most out of them. I’ll be there to encourage, inspire and hold space for you. I’ll be your biggest advocate. If you’re looking for something life changing, then invest this time and effort in yourself. 

I’ve worked with professionals over the years and at times felt we didn’t get to the crux of what was holding me back. Something would niggle away at me that I knew needed addressing, but I’d come away from these sessions feeling dissatisfied. It’s as if we went far, but not far enough and nothing felt resolved. All I wanted was for someone to apply my process for getting to the depths of a particular issue so I could be released from it. I realise now that it’s a true gift to help people get to the core of an issue or the truth of their life and to help them move forward. That’s why I believe we can have success in our coaching sessions. I help you connect to a place deep within. It’s this space where transformation happens. And I’m not just talking about where you leave feeling great but then this thing rears its ugly head again. I’m talking about real and lasting change. So, if you’re ready to take the leap book in a call with me and you can decide if I am the right fit for you.

What People Are Saying

  • I had been struggling to verbalise exactly what my business is about and couldn’t identify my target market as I wanted to be ‘all things to all people’. So I wasn’t getting my message out to my ideal clients and most people were confused about what I could offer them. After a session with Maria I went from confused, via overwhelm, to a massive breakthrough in my thinking. She somehow managed to help me break through all of the ‘noise’ and tap into two aspects of my business that really interest and excite me. I’m so much more focused now, which has helped me with my vision, my message, my blogging, my social media, and most of all my confidence in verbalising my offering.

    Aideen, Beautiful Life

  • I had a 1 hour coaching session with Maria and it was amazing. If I could sum it all up in one sentence, ‘she simplifies the complex’. What I had deemed impossible challenges in my own mind felt like very achievable task after just one meeting! I am a perfectionist by nature which means I over think, analyse and plan everything. I approached Maria for support on a video that I was making with work that was going to be aired globally, I felt under so much pressure to get everything perfect. Maria’s ability to help me breakdown everything down allowed me to fully relax and enjoy the experience. At what should have been the most stressful time in my career turned out to be the most enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend her.

    Audrey, UPS

  • Such a wonderful gift that came to me at the perfect time. I was given this book by a friend during a difficult period in my life. A time where my feelings of self-worth was very low and I did not have much confidence in what my future would bring. It all felt a little out of control but the simple idea of this book, Just for today…I will love myself, reminded me to stay in the present moment. It was the little push I needed to appreciate myself again. I began to say these positive daily affirmations as part of my morning routine and I soon became more confident. It guided me to stronger self-belief, which helped me conquer all the worry with self-love and my life plan began to look a lot brighter. This book was a true blessing and I will be forever grateful for its very simple yet empowering message.

    Valerie, Dublin

  • I thought the gift book was absolutely gorgeous. Then I reached the page on taking care of myself and listening to my needs and it really hit me. The book went from beautiful to look at, to immense depth. Those few words hit me to the core. I realised I hadn’t been taking care of myself or listening to my own needs for quite a long time. I felt very emotional. It was as if a part of me was being heard for the first time.

    Kate, Dublin

  • I just want to say a very big thank you for the workshop. I absolutely loved it. It was so enjoyable and interesting and gave me great insight into self-care and how important it is, and how little attention we give it. I’ve benefitted hugely from the way you delivered the information by breaking it up into practical exercises that help to pull the focus back to ourselves when we get caught up in our heads. Loved it.

    Annemarie, Co Dublin

  • I have pretty much always suffered with low self-esteem and negative thinking. Maria’s workshop really helped me with this by giving me very useful tips on how to overcome self-doubt and negative thoughts. I went home from the workshop feeling the most calm and confident I have felt in a long time and by the next day I could already feel a big boost in my mood. Between meeting the other lovely people taking part and Maria’s infectious, warm and positive attitude I would highly recommend this workshop to everybody.

    Denise, Co Dublin

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