Workshop 1 – Feeling Your
Way to a Better Life

This workshop, Feeling your way to a better life, is jam packed full of insights and liberations. You get a deep understanding of what you are made up of; your true self and fabricated self. We look at the importance of feelings and how they impact your life. We also look at where feelings come from and begin to understand the difference between genuine feelings from your true self and those feelings made up from your ego. You uncover patterns that keep you stuck in life and last but not least, you learn the importance of love and more importantly, self-love.


Workshop 2 – Believing Your
Way to a Better Life

This workshop, Believing your way to a better life, is the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life. In it you will learn the fundamentals of beliefs, where they come from and why they are so important. You will take a look at your own belief system and how it was formed. You will then look at any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living a good life and achieving what you want in any area of your life.


What People Are Saying

  • I had the pleasure of taking part in Maria’s work shop “Feeling your way to a better life” which took place in the tranquil and historical Ashe House. Maria is an amazing coach. The day from start to finish was a life changing experience for me. Maria set the day off with some sensory meditation which helped us all settle in and ground ourselves. Maria knows her stuff and delivers it in a very relaxed, relatable and informal manner. This approach invited the group to get involved and share our own experiences. I gained so much knowledge and was given the tools to change unhealthy patterns in my life. There was a beautiful flow and ease to the day which again reflects Maria’s personality and style of coaching. I walked away feeling empowered and believing that with these tools my journey to self can be as blissful as I choose it to be. Since the work shop my anxiety has reduced immensely due to introducing these practices. Maria is truly amazing and I would recommend anyone to give themselves this workshop as gift that keeps on giving. Thank you so much Maria I am so looking forward to the next one.

    Valerie, Co Derry

  • This workshop on learning to genuinely feel good in yourself is the greatest present you can give to yourself. It’s a fantastic experience and will help greatly with your self-esteem. What I learned is invaluable and I am much more aware of the present moment, the importance of being present within myself and just being still for a short while. Maria is a wonderful teacher. She has a natural way about her making this workshop so enjoyable and enlightening.

    Lisa, Co Dublin

  • I just want to say a very big thank you for the workshop. I absolutely loved it. It was so enjoyable and interesting and gave me great insight into self-care and how important it is, and how little attention we give it. I’ve benefitted hugely from the way you delivered the information by breaking it up into practical exercises that help to pull the focus back to ourselves when we get caught up in our heads. Loved it.

    Annemarie, Co Dublin

  • I have pretty much always suffered with low self-esteem and negative thinking. Maria’s workshop really helped me with this by giving me very useful tips on how to overcome self-doubt and negative thoughts. I went home from the workshop feeling the most calm and confident I have felt in a long time and by the next day I could already feel a big boost in my mood. Between meeting the other lovely people taking part and Maria’s infectious, warm and positive attitude I would highly recommend this workshop to everybody.

    Denise, Co Dublin

  • Thank you Maria for both a relaxing & rejuvenating afternoon spent with a wonderful group of women. I learnt to think about the way I think -if that makes sense!! There was such positivity & strength in the room and it really helped me to evaluate how I perceive things, and how to turn a negative habit into a positive habit. Thanks so much again- I floated home! And I am already looking forward to the next workshop!!

    Polly C, Co Louth

  • Thanks Maria for a lovely afternoon. I really came away feeling enlightened and more positive. I really enjoyed the afternoon and you are so passionate and natural at what you do. I came home and told my husband everything I had learned about the ego and understanding the difference between our real feelings and those made up. He agreed with me and it started a heart to heart conversation that we haven’t had in a long time, so thank you.

    Emma, Co Dublin

  • Well, what can I say, it was amazing. Thanks a lot for a great afternoon. I learnt so much from it and looking forward to doing another one.

    Evelyn, Co Dublin

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